NEW Talk-Driven Kiosks

Conquering the Digital Divide

Tēosk’s voice-driven kiosk interface lets you provide a safe, touch-free experience for users, while expanding access to digital services for all populations.

Touch Free
Voice Enabled
ADA Compliant

Rapidly expand your COVID-19 testing outreach by placing talk-driven, touch-free kiosks in public spaces and underserved areas where access to online scheduling isn’t readily available.

A consolidated administration dashboard provides state-of-the-art data analytics that can alert your organization to virus hotspots in order to quickly deploy contact tracing and mitigation resources.

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Real-time Analytics Pinpoint Virus Hotspots

See infection trends by location and over time

See virus hotspots by location

Quickly evaluate symptom responses

Manage and reset devices remotely

Update content centrally

Access device status alerts 24/7

There's only one Tēosk.

Our Features

Sophisticated technology in a simple design.


Make Services Accessible
to Everyone

Connecting with services just got a whole lot easier

Our directories allow users to find details such as names, addresses, photos, and phone numbers with simple commands.

ADA + Multi-lingual
Language modules allow for multiple content translations within seconds to help break barriers.

Eating In + Out
Present, update, and maintain your facilities’ cafeteria menus while integrating local restaurants.

Media Integration
Easily pull in your social media feeds and display hosted videos.

2D + 3D-Wayfinding
Our 2D and 3D-Wayfinding module makes it easier for users to find your amenities and navigate with ease.

QR Codes
QR Codes allow users to send information or directions directly to their phone and get on their way.

Traffic, Transit, Weather
Presents up to date traffic, transit, and weather information in real time.

Emergency Alerts
Display emergency alerts within seconds to help spread awareness and safety precautions.

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